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The problem we solve

These days, we use all kinds of social media to upload things on the internet, but after time passes by, they all get buried underneath new posts.

Also, all the information you are looking for, and that you want to share is somewhere spread out within many different social media platforms and communities.

This has become a frequent phenomenon because the existing social media platforms / services only focus on the individual and collect contents around the individual only.

However, if not the individual, but the object (e.g. Simpson Lego)
becomes the center and if that object were to connect people and information in one place, then the aforementioned phenomenon would be solved. :)

FONDoF ? '-'

FONDoF is Social Media for the Collectors around the world who collect toys.

We are setting up the system to connect people through the one item.

So, when you search the one item, you are able to get all the information you want.

< When you search the one item >
- You can communicate with the other users who are the same as your interest as focused on the item.
- You can check the item and related contents what you find.
- You can purchase the item in App. & website.


Hello, We are iMPERFECT.

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Alexander Decker

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FONDoF is Social Media for the Collectors around the world who collect toys.

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